Saturday, May 24, 2008

3G iPhone Is Here Already (Soon...maybe)

Import Genius is reporting the possibility of certain vaguely phrased shipping container manifests as possible signs Apple is stocking up on 3G iPhones.

It is not a tall leap to make this assumption. Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is mere 16 days away and iPhone 2.0 will make it's debut out of beta and it will involve the new version of 3G iPhone.

Evidence has been building to support this assertion for months and from multiple sources. References to a 3G chip began to appear on iPhone 2.0 beta software released to a month ago. Many mobile carriers from Japan to Europe and Canada with 3G-only networks have recently announced plans with Apple to release the iPhone in their territories. AT&T employees are being asked to defer vacation or time-off for the early summer months (the same thing was done last year for the iPhone launch.

With billing of lading numbers and customs declarations belonging to Apple or partners it has done business with on the past, Import Genius has built on a collection of information without actually saying the products in those containers are actually 3G iPhones.

It may well be true. However, it is conclusive evidence. Apple has long find its position and its products innovative and it could well be another way Apple is saying conventional customs declaration does not do justice to its consumer electrontics. Apple executives has said that the multitouch iPod and iPhone represent a new mobile platform.

Import Genius also provided dates as far back as March when Apple was still in its 3rd quarter of selling the current iPhone and investment banks were speculating a slowdown in iPod and iPhone sales during that period but Mac sales blew past Wall Street expectations.

It is also entiring conceivable these additional containers for Apple could be the result of Mac growth and recent analyst reports on renewed iPod growth. The fact that these containers were shipped to Ingram Micro offers stronger likelihood that most of these containers contained Macs and iPods.

The 3G iPhone will be announced on June 9, 2008 and further information will be released whether it will be immediately available. The current iPhone was announced at Macworld 2007 and released on June 29, 2007 to great fanfare.

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