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Mac Touch or iPhone X2?

Original Source:  ZDnet Germany

ZDnet Germany  has quoted Intel’s German chief confirming Apple will be using the upcoming Atom chip from Intel in its new iPhone.  A quick spin around the Web realed this story was picked up by a quite a few sites but not as much as one would expected for a story of this magnitude.  Perhaps, it points to the improbability of an Apple product announcement that did not come from its messianic CEO. 


The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Macworld UK



So, what’s being reported.  A device larger than the current iPhone with higher resolutions is being fitted with the yet to be released mobile Atom chip from Intel.  Please visit Appleinsider for a mockup.  Given the rumors swirling around the design change of the new 3G iPhone, it is anyone’s guess what the final form factor will be like.

Knowing Apple’s almost close attention to detail on designs in the past, the form factor of this new device, iPhone X2 (that’s what I’m calling it), will need to work hand-in-hand with the features.  The design that works for the iPhone or the iPod Touch does not mean it will work for the iPhone X2. 

So,  there is it.  Directly from Intel Germany.  Not Apple itself. 


Different takes on it.  When Apple releases this device, it will not be just another iPhone that’s supersized.  It may simply be called Macbook Touch as it is possible that it will include more advanced features than the iPhone. 

 The Atom chip will afford Apple the opportunity to inject functionalities that the ARM chip inside the iPhone is too underpowered to do.  Multi-tasking, more multi-touch abilities, and even a real desktop environment that makes it more of a Macbook than an iPhone. 

 As far as the media and consumers are concerned, exciting things are being cooked up by Cupertino with whatever chip ingredients Intel can supply Apple.  Regardless of which this new device more closely resembles, iPhone X2 or Son of Newton, there have too many rumors and innuendos to not believe Apple will be developing a competitor to the UMPC's with their new mobile platform.

 But this device will not be coming on June 9 when Steve Jobs delivers the keynote for the Worldwide Developer Conference. 


Roughlydrafted’s Take from yesterday.  Only yesterday, Roughlydrafted pointed out the unlikelihood of another Apple device this year.  Some of the arguments makes sense.  You’re already coming out with the 3G iPhone.  Apple likes to make sure their product launches do no overshadow those of another.  One except was the launch of the Motorola ROKR phone that supported iTunes.  Even then, that was overshadowed by the iPod Nano.  It was not difficult to surmise that Jobs did not care for that particular crippled phone. 

This is the year of the smartphones, specifically, the iPhone and the “iPhone killers”.  For business users, close attention will be paid to the 9000 model for an August launch and the unnamed/unannounced/rumored full-screened Blackberry.  Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is one to watch for consumers.  It’s been a bit quiet from Nokia and Motorola lately on this front.  Palm has not made much noise either and will likely continue to bleed cash until 2009.  

Please visit and read their article.  It also pointed out how we will not be seeing a console from Apple (because it already has.  It’s called Apple TV).

What my take it.  What I want to see if this is true.  I don’t just want a super-sized iPhone.  It doesn’t do it for me.  It’s limited in scope and knowing the attention to detail and easy-of-use Apple will demand out of such a rumored device, it will not simply be a bigger version of the iPhone, iPhone X2.  

Apple does not need any advice from the media or users such as myself but here is it anyway:  take your time as you always do and make it right.  Jobs, terrorize your people.  Make them cry.  Make them miss their dinners.  Kids’ soccer games.  Church.  Just kidding.  Seriously, we want it today but it’s not going to happen.  We’ll be waiting just the same.

It will be telling when we do find out what Apple is going to be calling this new device.  A lot can be said in a carefully crafted name by Apple and where it sees this device taking the mobile computing industry.  To be sure, this iPhone X2 or Mac Touch will fit neatly between the different lines of Apple products and its launch carefully choreographed in the media and the minds of the consumers.  I’m sure the word “tablet” will not having anything to do with it.

So, it’s all conjectures on the part of everyone.  That’s what makes it so fun.  One thing about this tablet (oops!) is whether it exists or not:  the battery is not user serviceable.

Will I be getting one if by some miracle, Apple introduces iPhone X2?  Does the Earth go around the Sun?  

Summary:  Apple isn’t about to overshadow the 3G iPhone and launch of application store with the product of every gadget lover’s wet dream.  Sorry, everyone.  I want one too but I just don’t see it happening.  WWDC 2009, maybe.  Even Macworld 2009.  As an Apple fan and AAPL stockholder, I hope I’m wrong!

Lesson:  Unless its from Macworld, Worldwide Developer Conference, the usual one or two special media events, or Apple’s website (unless it’s been hacked.  To date, that has never happened), nothing is confirmed.  And if it sounds too good to be true, it always is when dealing with unconfirmed news about Apple.

Update:  Macrumors has posted a denial from Intel.  Told you so.  Their source came from Fortune

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