Thursday, May 8, 2008


Twitter is a great service that I have started learning to use in recent months. In fact, thousands of bloggers swear by it.  I use it to keep friends updated on political events, daily happenings, and enlighten them with my personal gibberish.

Like anything on the Internet, if there is one, there are others.

For example, consider my favorite miniblog, Meblog from Cirqo.  Still a work in progress, Chieh Cheng, one of my closest friends since high school, and I have worked on Cirqo for over a year now.  We are proud of the great accomplishments with Cirqo. More just a web-based IM service, we created Cirqo to be defined by the users.
(Chieh does all the heavy lifting and I beg for features I find useful.)

In the next few years, Twitter and Cirqo's MeBlog will play an even larger role in mobile communication as the proliferation of smartphones such as the iPhone and Sidekick become more common.  Already, Twitter's impact has been felt on the international stage during the arrest of James Karl Buck in Egypt.

Setting up your own Twitter or Cirqo account is quick and very easy to use.  When you do, drop me a line.  Feel free to follow my Twitter or Cirqo Meblog as I will follow yours.

Also, we are more than happy to field any questions/suggestions regarding

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