Monday, May 12, 2008

Mobile News/Rumors Today

RIM Blackerry 9000 and new iPhone Rumors

Already bets are being placed on whether the Blackberry 9000 has what it takes to keep RIM on top of the smartphone segment of the mobile industry. I'll let you get into it right away.

Here are today's articles from mobile pundits so far:

Blackberry Press Release
Crackberry early review
Gizmodo has a summary of the specs and also the press release
PC Magazine - hands on

So far, AT&T is confirmed to be the initial carrier of the new phone. So, how does it stand up to the iPhone or the rumored specs of the 3G iPhone? It doesn't nor does the iPhone stand up to this Blackberry. So far, the iPhone is geared towards the consumers and until iPhone 2.0 comes out, let's chill and see then.

The iPhone is great at a lot of things the Blackberry can or can't do. But most business users are used to having their trusted Blackberries with them so it's up to the iPhone to break into the Blackberry's home turf.

So, what is with this new iPhone? No one knows. My guess is as good as any overpaid Wall Street analysts as any other writers. What we do know is that it's 3G and it's coming in May, June, or July. Yeah, that about covers it. And it's already in Steve Jobs' front left pocket.

So far, we know it's 3G 16GB (maybe 8GB or 32GB model as well), no idea what the prices are, may or may not have GPS, support for video conferencing, be in differen colors (white or black), or solve our lack of a national energy policy. I'm less sure about the last part. Okay, I made that part up.

Now over the weekend, Apple confirmed over online stores in both the US and the UK are completely out of iPhones, leading lots in the Mac and gadget-centric online media to speculate new models could be closer to be introduced than initially expected. Only time will tell.

Then, this morning, the buzz, according to, a friendly source inside Apple has indicated a May launch for the 3G iPhone and a new device is slated for launch at the WWDC 2008. NOTE: SWITCH TO A MAC WAS CORRECT ABOUT THE LEOPARD DELAY PRIOR TO OFFICIAL APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT. (Steve Jobs has been confirmed to keynote the main event.)

While still a rumor, I would love to see a tablet-sized iPod Touch. Intel has stated Atom chips will be in short supply and given the close relationship between Apple and Intel and past favoritism Intel has graced Apple with new chips, I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is the cause of the shortage.

We shall see!

For unconfirmed pictures of the 3G iPhone:


Update (May 13, 2008):  Roughlydrafted thinks another device from Apple this year isn't likely to happen.  I agree.

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