Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Full-Screened Blackberry?

 Original Source:  The Boy Genius Report

This BGR rumor has been circulated by dozens of Internet sites from Wired to Apple-centric rumors/news sites.  So, it’s why there was no real update on mobile phone units yesterday. 

 Basically, RIM is rumored to be developing a full screened Blackberry.  Verizon Wireless will be the initial carrier.  No word on what consumer-focused features or how much memory it will have.

 Oh, I’m sure that when this happens, there’ll be something in the press release along the line of  “we decided to have a full screened phone and our customers love the bigger screen.  And someone will ask about the keyboard and we’ll get some baloney.  Just be honest.  You are playing catch up with the other players and realize there is a place in the Blackberry lineup for a full screened smartphone.   

Anyway, please visit Boy Genius for the specs.  I don’t’ want to list it because it’s his/their great work.  And in case you don’t read that article through the end, they’ve noted the big mockup of the Blackberry 9500 is a mockup.  Oh, I already said that by calling it “big mockup.

In our segment I like to call, Wishful Thinking Unless We Find Out Later  It’s True, Swisscom will has set up a page for the iPhone!  Here’s the wishful thinking part.  Le Matin Online has “concrete” features that will be included in the iPhone.  Video conferencing, GPS, and TV.  Yes, I too am doing my share of wishful thinking.

Mobility War


In the ongoing Mobility War, LiMo Foundation added Verizon Wireless as one of their newest members and will be sitting on the board of directors.  Could be that Verizon is looking to expand the number of OS’s that their phones run on and not really a diss against Android.  But it probably is.  It does say a lot about who they think their biggest problem in a year or so from now is going to be.  Palm, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile has so far done everything asked to do by the wireless giants.  So, the chess game continues.  Press release here and here.

This came after Google listed their round 1 winners of the Android Developer Challenge.  Here’s the same list but with a bit more description for some of the winners.

Okay, coffee breaks over.  Go back to work.

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