Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogspot Missing the Parade

I'm an iPhone user and it's no secret.  One of the things I love about the iPhone is that it in itself is a mobile platform that let's me do 80% of all that I already do in a laptop.

What’s missing is Google's Blogspot.  The only way a blogger can update information from a mobile device is by e-mail the “go” e-mail through a gmail e-mail account.  I find this acceptable at times but it’s it not good enough in my opinion. 

I want something like what Typepad demoed at WWDC on Monday from Blogspot.  And coming from Google, I expect better integration into the rest of Google’s services like news and pictures. 

I think Apple, Blackberry, and Google can help things along with new features to make posting easier (Cut and paste for example.  That’s right, Apple.  I’m talking to you.)

 Here are some screen shots of what Typepad is doing for the iPhone.  The app will be free and released on July 11 (the day the iPhone 3G goes on sale). 


Please note also that native apps from Typepad are already available for other devices for mobile warriors to hack away.  

For iPhone warriors, you can go here to do your blogging through Safari.  From the looks and feel of it, it works as advertised.

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