Friday, June 13, 2008

iPod or MP3 Head Phone Saver (Mobility Tip)

I've been riding my bike quite often lately because of the coming $8 per gallon gasoline that we're going to get hit with.

But I still do listen to my iPod even when I'm riding but only through one ear so I can hear for the insane drivers in my city (I thought folks in West LA were insane with their BMWs.  The peeps in East LA are just as crazy if not more so with the Benz.  I like Torrance more).  I was nearly hit by a LA sheriff duty on Monday.  

But what gets to me is the line on the headset when I take the iPod out of my backpack.  I spent about five minutes try to untangle it before I can use it.  Now alas, there's a solutions.  Check out this video.  It'll save you and me a lot of time and frustration.

I tried it and it took me a couple of practice runs before I got it right.  Best solution until Bluetooth headsets become more common and cheaper.  

Thanks, Gnowk, for the tip.  

My bike milage since 6/7:  23 miles, savings:  $13.11  (I'll will be depositing an equal amount at the end of every month.  Half will go towards UNICEF and half towards a new bike!)

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