Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mobility In During Summers

Malls. Libraries. Starbucks and other coffee shops. Borders and Barnes and Noble. These are the places I've thought of to escape the summer heat in Southern California.

Hope on my bike and just go. Like kids used to do when they want to go to the library, comics shop, or soda pop (I just don't see a lot of that anymore. It's a different world now). It's just easier to ask mommy or daddy to drive nowadays.

With the gas at what it is today (no point in giving a price now because it'll be higher by the time you finish reading this) I have had to think more about going out and how much I hope to accomplish when I do.

Yesterday, I put my XO laptop in my backpack and took off on my bike off to work out, run a couple of errands, and had a relaxing time at a local Pavilion that had a Starbucs, Jamba Juice, and a Panda Express in there. I consider it a hidden jewel in Pasadena as far as a mobile user in concerned.

I was able to get a lot done there on just the XO and the iPhone.

But today, it was quite different. With my mom back, I couldn't simply leave her at home so I decided to take her to the Santa Anita Mall in Arcadia. The problem with the convencience is that you will have to spend money. How much you spend will vary. There's a balancing act involve here. I feel basis I don't do something to support the merchant for allowing me to use their tables, AC, and electricity. One might think it appropriate to just get a small coffee. On the other hand, I usually get more than that. This morning at Borders, I got drinks as well as books.

But the convenience of the cafe at Borders has provided mobile users/workers a place to work on a hot summer day. Today, I am just kicking back and doing some light work but my mom is getting quite a bit out of it.

Having converted her into a mobile warrior, she brings her laptop with her everywhere. Today, she has been working on her designs with Photoshop and watching video on her Slingplayer.

So, is it worth it? The balance of comfort, expenses, added carbon in the air from driving an SUV, and trying to get through a hot day is something you'd have to consider carefully as a mobile user. For the most part, it is worth it. The driving enabled me to run a couple of other errands. Getting out a bit after a difficult week at work is nice. And we were comfortable so far.

I like folks to share how they deal with being mobile and rising monetary and environmental costs. Tips, life styles. Thanks.

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