Sunday, June 22, 2008

Openmoko: Don't Forget About Us!

OS X. Windows Mobile. Symbian. Android.

Now, Openmoko. That's right. Four. Now, maybe five. I came across it a year or so ago and did not think it would amount to anything. But that's all changed.

Engadget is reporting availability of Openmoko-based phones next month, mere weeks away. For mobile warriors, you'll have plenty of mobile devices, not to mention platforms, to choose from. So, iPhone, you're getting some company as an e-mail from Openmoko is stating mid-July. But I'm not really going to hold them to it because we have no idea who is making these phones or where they will be made available first.

I'm hoping it'll be picked up by as many carriers as possible. I'm still betting on the iPhone having a blockbuster summer but still, there's always room for a sleeper hit.

Meanwhile, you can learn a bit more about Openmoko if you don't already know about it:

- Wiki about Openmoko.
- Article about android but mentioned a dire prospect for Openmoko. That was then.
- For geeks, I mean hard-core fans, go here.
- Press release from about 17 months ago.

Given that Openmoko allows codes to be run natively (like C++), there could be a lot of developer and software support right out of the gate. We'll just have to see. Could companies like Nokia or others rally around such a platform as a hedge against OS X and Android?

We all know that since Steve Jobs called their multi-touch iPod/iPhone devices a new platform, everyone is scrambling to figure out what he means and what to do about it. Don't be surprised if telecoms and some manufacturers try to maintain status quo by using platforms like Openmoko as a hedge against Apple and Google.

We may also have to see which platforms the developers rally around. It's too early to tell.

With respect to the optimism this news of impending Openmoko devices and given my experience with the G1G1 program and empty promises, I'm not holding my breath though.

We'll know mid-July.

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