Sunday, June 15, 2008

Posting To Blogspot Via Typepad

Earlier, I wrote about the absence of Blogspot in the realm of mobile devices except the ability to post by linking a specific blog to a gmail account then emailing "" as the only way to post blogs.

For the most part, the works well enough but this seems a bit awkward. Bring a leading platform on blogosphere, it is not much to expect Blogspot to offer the same or more features as its competitors for mobile warriors.

So I checked out Typepad's mobile offerings and saw the plethora of devices supported and a variety of options for mobile blogging.

In fact, this very post is written on an iPhone through Typepad. Yup. You are reading this correctly.

Repeat: I am writing and posting this through Typepad to onxo on blogspot.

Essentially, create an OpenID (some major web logins like Yahoo and Google supports it). Log into Typepad with the OpenID and link the ID to the specific Blogspot site.

Is this as cumbersome as Blogspot's offerings? Yes. However, there is a "but". But Typepad has the options to link to Twitter, Facebook, and more. With one OpenID, the blogger has the options to post to more than one site. is currently linked with Twitter and has allowed me to post to Twitter as well as Cirqo's MeBlog. Typepad offers the same concept with more options.

Back to Blogspot. I am confident Google will not allow Blogspot to languish (ok, I am not sure it has or that Blogspot is languishing at all but it certainly is not the leader as far as mobile blogging is concerned) and it should have quite a bit to offer to stay competitive and mobile warriors pecking alongon their physical or virtual keyboards.

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