Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quick Mobile News

Some quick notes on in the mobility realm:

iPhone Loses Marketshare Because There's Nothing To Sell; RIM and Palm Gained

RIM and Palm gained market shares as the iPhone supply around the world (I said world because of the unlocking) dried up. This is significant because Palm is still alive and breathing. As a long time Palm user (Palm V, Palm Vx, Palm Zire 72), I am hoping it'll make a big comeback (there's enough room in the global market for a multitude of players to succeed).

3G iPhone

3G iPhone Announcement - t-minus seven day-ish. Availability will be difficult to gauge. I'll be leaving work early for this one if it turns out that all the rumors about the 3G iPhone are true (3G, GPS, video-conferencing, Apps Store, solve our reliance on petro, etc). While I haven't heard anything about the amount of memory size, I am hoping for 32GB. It has only been a year since the iPhone has been introduced so there is no pattern to speak of. Apple did release an update to the iPhone with 16GB of memory which I got.

Rumors and speculations are abound pricing and availability. It's safe to say that the US market will see it first. We might see a concurrent launch in Europe. It's more likely we'll see European launches weeks later. That would make sense.

The latest bona fide rumor from a source who may or may not accurate is that the iPhone will be thinner with a longer battery life. Wired seems to think this is important enough for us to know.


Lots of demo last week. I will provide summary links for them. Looks alright. Impressive for what they've accomplished in such a short time. I'm looking forward to the first product. Unfortunately, word on the 'net is that it'll be delayed until 2009. It's unclear if this is about HTC variants or specially THE gPhone (assuming there is such a phone; and we all know that there is).

However late yesterday, CNet reported the rumors of the delay are not true. Good to hear. I've got a T-Mobile upgrade coming up. I hope they get a phone or two!


Wow. Those mini-laptops showing up in great numbers. Some of them with Intel's new Atom chip. Asus' got it's work cut out with competitors all over the floor and some not on the floor.

Along with HP which has already something on the market with the UMPC class goaddies, Dell and Sony are looking into it as well.

There's a shortage the Atom chip. Intel promises things will return to normal in September. It's just a theory but with Apple getting first picks of Intel's new chips recently, I wonder...

Original pictures from Taipei will be forthcoming from a friend who lives in Taiwan. I want to hear from you what you want to see more of in detail.

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