Friday, June 20, 2008

Verizon Making Open Network Happen

Gizmodo (through Crave) is reporting Verizon has certified one device for use on their open network, Open Development Initiative (ODI). This is a boon for Google and any mobile warrior seeking to bring their own certified device to Verizon.

So far, there as not been a lot of information provided by Verizon Open Development executive, Anthony Lewis, on what this device is. The lack of information about the device and other fronts could mean ongoing changes and no concrete specifications will be provided until much later.

This is what we do know so far:

1. There are other devices being approved running Android, Windows, etc.
2. No contract will be required but no subsidies on ODI devices either.
3. Will not work with app developers directly.
4. Developers will have to work with device manufacturers.
5. Certification for ODI is more streamline than Verizon's own phones.
6. Verizon will probably have their own phones to maintain control.

So far, we are waiting for pricing (device and plans), what devices are available, and what limitations will be placed on developers, manufacturers, and, more importantly, mobile users. Also, there is no mention of plans for the 700Mhz.

It is entirely possible that Verizon will keep two separate markets, the current one for customers who have not yet realize their needs for an open network and are willing to be locked into contracts and the ODI network.

It is possible though some devices will command a premium than others. The possibility exists that a device maker may be willing to subsidize the handset through app sales and advertisements. This is all speculations at this point but this has been what Google has been pushing for.

Regardless of how this works out, the rest of you guys (Sprint and AT&T) need to step it up.

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