Sunday, June 8, 2008

What Jobs Will Really Announce Tomorrow At the WWDC

While mainstream Mac sites are reporting pretty much the same thing, there are a few dissenters who believe that that things will not be as Apple fans are hoping for.

Plus, it's hard to argue against dissenting opinions when every single line of the iPhone firmware is examined and even every word that is omitted from a banner is scrutinized and debated over.

I love it! But I also think there is also a time when we'd want to come back and take a deep breath and realize that we're not going to get everything we want. Eventually we may get some or all of our wishes by Cupertino but certainly not all at once.

Some realistic announcements. Remember, we're talking about a keynote that is about two hours at most. The bulk of that will be dedicated to reported the great success that OS X Leopard has achieved and maybe a jab or two against Vista. He'll show a new commercial or two with our lovable PC and Mac characters. He'll probably do the same with the new iPhone 2 operating system. He'll probably brought out a couple of high profile geeks, I mean, CEOs whose companies have developed software or games for iPhone 2.

So, it doesn't leave a whole lot of room of different announcements. Like one web pundit who took a leap and ventured to surmised that the new iPhone may not be announced at all. He argument is that this is a conference for developers, not really a forum for new product launches. While I think he does have a point, a very good point in fact, I think it would be a mistake for Apple to talk about the new features for the iPhone without a new iPhone.

Will another even take place the week after or two weeks from the WWDC? I doubt it. Money's on the new 3G iPhone making a grand entrance.

In fact, I will go as far as to say that Jobs will tease us with all the features he'll give us now and make them better via the reality distortion field. Then behind him will be a slide of the world of the map where he'll list the territories where deals are in place where the iPhone will be introduced (dates optional but not likely. You'll see why in a bit). Then he'll brought out a couple of developers, maybe the same folks. Maybe a couple of new ones.

Then to bring it home, there will be one or two CEO's from a Fortune 100 company whose companies has secretly participated in a limited deployment of the 3G iPhone in the field and crow about how great it is and how much more productive it is than anything else they have ever seen.

He'll thank them. Then he'll thank the iPhone team again if he has not already. Then "one more thing". After a dramatic pause and allowing a buildup of angst from the developers and bloggers providing live text feed, he will say, "it's available now. Including the UK and Canada. The rest of the world next week (or something like that)." (See why he can't bring in the availability dates earlier when he rolled out the map of the world now?)

And as much as I would like for it to happen, we'll not see a Mac tablet. Not until Macworld 2009 if that.

I love to be wrong about this.

I am praying for a "before you go, there's something else I want to show you. Remember how upset some of you were when we discontinued the Newton? Well..."

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