Monday, June 9, 2008

WWDC: Where was Google today?

It was exciting seeing all the demos that showed what is it that   
iPhone users can expect in the coming weeks. 

As I watched the webcast of the keynote today, I noticed the absence   
of any mention of Google.  Where was Google today?  Were they there   
but given the closeness between the two of the hottest corporations   
that Apple wanted to give others a chance to shine?  Is it because   
everyone knows that Google will automatically develop cool apps for   
the iPhone and there was no need to bring additional attention to   
their partnership? 

At this point, it is anyone's guess but could Google's attempt to   
strike ok their own with their own mobile platform, Android, seen by   
Steve Jobs as a betrayal by Google CEO and Apple boardmember Eric   
Schmidt?  It is hard to say with any certainty but if Google intention   
is only ads and search, Apple should have no problem with that. 

We'll know in time how this will all play out.  Perhaps this really is   
nothing and Apple and Google are secretly cooking the best iPhone apps   
ever and MobileMe is only the first towards true cloud computing. 

That what we are hoping.  Apple and Google has made a great team and   
the iPhone platform should continue to offer Google to develop their   
best works for the mobile warrior. 

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