Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blackberry Thunder - Getting There

CrackBerry has exclusive pictures of the much talked about tactile response and the virtual keyboard layout of Blackberry Thunder. RIM had previously said no one will use the virtual keyboard that the iPhone uses.

Still, given the back-and-forth between CrackBerry and Boy Genius and other gadget sites, it still remains to be seen if they actually can ship the product sooner rather than later.

On with the details. Quite a lot of room to fit a keyboard and space to see what you're typing in landscape form.
In portrait mode, Blackberry has opted to use SureType instead of the full QWERTY layout used by the iPhone.

I've put together a comparison. In all fairness to the Thunder, the pictures were likely smuggled out and not officially sanctioned.

A few of the comments seem that most users are willing to hold off judgment until they see the phone in its release form. I tend to agree. So far, the layout look a bit plain. However, that will not matter if typing works as good as Crackberry's sources indicated.

Yes, you probably noticed that I tossed in a comparison or two between the Thunder and the iPhone. One has been released and the other one is likely still in development. This exercise is only to provide a frame of reference. Comparison between the two smartphones is natural and we'll see more of it in the coming weeks and months.

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