Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy Second Half of 2008 For Mobility

This just in from Crunchgear.  A new Kindle from Amazon.  I'm especially encouraged about Amazon "skipped three or four generations" comment.  No one really knows how many units Amazon has sold thus far but like everyone else, we think not many.  I hope Kindle 2 pans out.  

Just a few suggestions.  I love to see more Web features and PDA funtionality.  For a $400 reader (now for $359), it's not a lot to ask.  And ebooks that already on paperbacks should be cheaper than the paperback price.  I only makes sense, right?

So, what else is new?  Well, we just had the dual launch of the Sprint Instinct and the iPhone 3G, so we are waiting for RIM to put the finishing touches to the Blackberry Bold and Thunder.  Both very capable smartphones and should compete very well against Samsung and Apple.  Remember, this market is capable of supporting multiple players.  

Oh, let's not forget the triumvirate of HTC, Google, and T-Mobile with what they've got up their sleeves in October.  Or was it November or December?  Depends on who you listen to, it may be 2009 when the HTC Dream is finally out.  WSJ has said things are falling behind schedule with Android.  However, I'm taking Google at their word that Android is not delayed and we'll see the first Android-powered phone in the fourth quarter.  

The latest rumors has an October launch when T-Mobile goes live nationally with their 3G network (I recently tried buying a new Blackberry Curve and I had asked what 3G phones they have available because I want to future proof my investment.  On two separate occasions, they said they have no 3G phones in their lineup but they themselves are waiting a bit before upgrading their own phones.  But they confessed they know nothing about T-Mobile plans for the remainder of the year. Simply wait they said.  Riiiight).  

If that is true, it'll be sharing the spotlight with refreshes of iPods from Apple.  It'll be sweet to see the two titans, Apple and Google, go at it for the attention on the Internet.  

And let's not forget Sony.  PSP 2!  Nah, just kidding.  XPERIA X1 will making it's debut in mid-September.  Sony will need to put a lot of marketing muscle into this one.  It looks great but the other mobile players will have had been in the market for a while.  

This is becomes ever more enticing as you keep watching the video.  

There are a plethora of other phones and mobile devices that will be flooding the market.  MP3 players, straight-up phones, UMPC (mini-laptops - I mean where do you begin?!), and ebook readers.  I am waiting for this:

It can't get here soon enough!  Amazon. Apple.  You see that?  

I'm sure there's more stuff that's coming out.  In the next segment, we'll get into laptops.  

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