Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cowboys Have Their Horses, Mobile Warriors Have...

Mobile Warriors! This is your ride.

First off, it’s strange how all these new green cars are suppose to be available in 2010. Have you noticed that?

Now, this VW. Yes, I would drive this around town. 280+ miles per gallon and you may even use algae-based diesel if research is as promising as the media reports it to be.

Reported to be 20K to 30K euros (I’m not putting a dollar figure given the dollar to euro rate is a moving target right now), it could be worth it since gas has nowhere to go but up in the short-term.

It’s small frame may be a turn-off for some mobile workers but according to Canadian Driver, this little roadster has safety of the driver built in mind: air bags, stability controls, anti-lock breaks – ejection seat too (just kidding about the ejection seat).

I’m sure a bigger version will come soon thereafter. If VW can create one with more room and even as the expense of the mileage per gallon, it would be worth the sacrifice (280 to say 150 miles per gallon).

We’ll keep an eye on this one for you.

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