Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Foget Netbooks: Atomized MID

Meet the MID P8860 - can't say much for the name but I like what I see.
Being billed at the first Atom chip based MID, Aigo's MID P8860 is a clean mobile device that may spell what the future of UMPC/MID is going to be like if Intel can get enough Atom chips out of their foundries. The P8860 has a 4GB SSD, 512MB, and runs at 800Mhz. For connectivity, it comes with WiFi and Bluetooth. I'm very surprised there is no 3G or Wimax options. And it has GPS. It has a slide-out keyboard. Know who/what it looks it?
For mobile warriors, battery life is very important and with the Atom chip, we hope we can see actual use in the 6 to 7 hour range given that the low speed of the chip may help in this regard but nothing is mentioned about it on its website. It likely can run a plethora of operating systems. Engadget pointed out that it runs XP. However, the installed OS is Linux. Won't be long before we see OS X on it. And the cost? $670. To give you a little perspective, the Nokia N810 is $299. The original EEE PC retailed at $400. The XO costs $200. The Macbook Air will make you poorer by $1700. It weight in at .77 lbs. (N810 at .55 lbs, EEE PC 2.0 lbs, XO and Macbook Air both at 3.0 lbs). Oh, one more thing. It's got a 4.8" touch-screen. It mention hand gestures. Not sure what it means.
For more pics, see Engadget's hands on. I'll be bringing up the subject of the different types of computing options that are now available to mobile folks next week. For now, let your eyes feast on this cool new mobile device that we'll never see in the US. If this MID and others like it works out, we will see these devices outselling laptops. But it's go a long way to go still. Original Source: Enagdget.

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