Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Haptic Responses (Latest From RIM)

It's no secret I'm an iPhone user and Apple fan. Nevertheless, I would not want them to get too full of themselves. With Sprint's Instinct just the latest iPhone killer (it's all a matter of opinion, isn't it?), it stands to reason that the iPhone's year on top can just as easily be toppled by any of the more entrenched smartphone manufacturers.

According to Crackberry.com, Blackberry Thunder's haptic keyboard could be just the feature that out APPLE the iPhone. So far, things have been quite on the Canadian front as far as what the Thunder's features are and how it will compete against iPhone and other smartphones (yes, iPhone isn't the only player in town).

I'm hoping everything said in Crackberry's blog entry is correct because honestly, there's only one man I know with a real "reality distortion field" and he's not the CEO of RIM.

Whether Apple's view on haptic implementation for its virtual keyboard will go the way of the one-button mouse is uncertain. Only time will tell. Of course, there is rumor of an iPhone with a slide-out keyboard in the wild as well. That too, only time will tell.

iPhone 3G (or iPhone Next), Android phone, Thunder. I can't wait. Nor am I looking forward to having to chose between the three. Great haptic keyboard implementation or not. iPhone killer or not. As a mobile worker, I say "bring it on"!

The smartphone market is in its infancy. It has the capability of support multiple winners. So the more the merrier.

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