Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Instant Messaging: Goober Tries It All

I've wonder what would MacGyver carry as his mobile device of choice.  I'm guessing he's more of a Blackberry or Nokia E71 type of type.  the iPhone may have too much finesse for him.

How about an IM program?  I'm guess he'll go with Trillian on the PC and Adium on the Mac.  But now, Goober could be just the thing our mild-mannered super agent, part-time hockey player, is looking for.

Here are some highlights of what Goober offers.  For the rest, I'm gonna make you go over to Techcrunch for the excellent preview.  Plus, there's extra extra they're offering if you move fast.  Remember, this is still in beta.

  • Support for other IM protocols

  • SMS, VOIP, widget system - e-mailing, ads

  • User will have to create an account, cannot just get into the IM features (Trillian, Adium, and most other IM programs do not require this step.  Probably there to hook the user into using other paid services.

  • Integrated Internet radio and video streams.

  • No support for AIM/gTalk yet.  I don't think I saw Yahoo either.

  • Windows version only with a Mac client forthcoming - iPhone too, I hope.  

The value for an application like Goober is that instead of having five different applications open for e-mailing, IM, and entertainment, you have only one:  Goober.  Try it and see if it's your cup of tea.

Note:  I already had a crash and the SMS activation request is like 20 minutes over due.  Still waiting.

A commentator on TC suggested digsby.  For those not wanting to go through a beta program, digsby is robust enough and supports more IM protocol than Goober right now.

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