Sunday, July 20, 2008

Look Ahead In Mobility

It has not been the kind of weekend I was expecting. I was busy but at the same time, I was able to squeeze in time on some relaxation and was able to get a few things done for myself. It also meant I was moving about a lot on my bike and with my iPhone and XO (kid at Starbucks pointed and laughed when I took out the XO to use).

I was able to catch up on last week's mobile computing, mobile Internet, and blogging development. It also gave me time to reflect on things such as the following topics that I was to share this coming week.

Radio and Internet Radio: I spend a lot time listening to the radio in the car and with iTunes at home and work. I wonder where it is going to go and where it'll go in the podcasting world we live in today.

Mesh:  Live Mesh and others. I mentioned it last week and this week, I hope to share more about Live Mesh and others like MobileMe.

Battery: battery saving tips. I can't live without my iPhone. Not quite there but it has made my life so much easier. But of the minor quirks about it one irks me mirr than others about it and that is its battery life. What can we do to extend it through out the a day of mobile work?

Palm: state of Palm. Bad. But just how bad? And what of hope of a turnaround? What we like to see in a turnaround. How about an Internet tablet like device along the line of an iPod Touch or the Nokia 800 series? Foleo have a future?

Of course we also see what ebook future holds. I am think of making it a weekly topic.

See you tomorrow!

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