Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Loopt: Keep In Touch

As you may know, I loaded my iPhone with the 2.0 update over the weekend.  Then I went crazy with the App Store.

I spent  the last couple of days playing around with the new found power that is on my iPhone.  Besides the two Twitter apps I've got (Twinkle and Twitterrific), there anotherlocation-base app that lets you broadcast to your friend where you are and what you're up to. Loopt.

I tried using it with Dave last night but his app crashed and then my app started acting up.  But the potential is immense.  Loopt prides itself as our "social compass".  And they're not too far off the point.  Registeration is easy.  You simply input your mobile number and create an account with an e-mail and password.  It was very user-friendly.  Here are some major Loopt features:

  • It supports the Blackberries and iPhones.  In fact it has over 80 phones that it supports.

  • You can comment, sharing information, and it works with Yelp.

  • Geo-tagged phones.

  • Link with address books. It doesn't specify what address book.

  • Works with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter

I've connected Loopt with my Facebook and but the app crashed when I tried linking it with Twitter (I've linked my accounts in case you want to be my friends :)

I just found out there is an update available.  I will try it at home and update tonight. Maybe Twitter will work then.

If you get a chance and your phone is supported, give it a try.  Let me know what you think.

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