Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mac-iPhone Mobile Update For July 29, 2008

I've decided to iPhone and Apple-related mobile update in a separate post because I feel with so much information out there covering Apple and the iPhone, other mobile issues/events get lost sometimes.  

Other Onxo mobile updates are also given extensive attention.  

Now today iPhone/iPod update:

  • The iPhone saw a lot of apps release today.  Notably is Palringo's IM client that works with different IM services like AIM, Yahoo, iChat, and Google.  I tried it for a bit today.  It'll have to do until Adium/Tillian is available.  I don't understand the need for users to create an account just to starting the app.
  • TUAW is reporting that employees at Apple Store are issuing placeholders to customers who are pre-qualified for the iPhone 3G.  This placeholder allows the potential customer to use it whenever they want so they can avoid waiting in line at that moment and chose to wait in line at another time of their choosing.
  • Check out the Dynolocious Car Performace Meter App that lets you recording your driving data.  Honestly, I know nothing about cars other than that it needs gas and oil change from time to time.  Gizmodo will tell you more.  Having said that, I will try, and by try, I mean buy, this app as I find it very innovative use of the iPhone's accelerometer.  
  • You're likely used your iPhone's remote app to control your iTunes.  You like?  Well, how about using it to control your Mac?  Find out more here.
  • Multiple sites are reporting a new designation for the iPod Touch which translates to new iPhone Touch.  It's now an annual ritual in Sept/Oct to expect new iPod refreshes.  Which bring us to iLounge's report on the next iPod nano.  If true, the iPod Nano will look more like the 2nd Nano with an elongated screen to allow landscrape video viewing.  It is as the nano should have been last year.  I love my 3rd Nano but I would have liked  to have the wide-screen.  I wonder what'll happen with the iPod Classic?  Bigger drive?  
  • US News issued their 5 apps that can help you live longer or improve your health.  
In other Apple/Mobile news:
  • You're likely used your iPhone's remote app to control your iTunes.  You like?  Well, how about using it to control your Mac?  Find out more here.  

  • Just how HP, Intel, and Yahoo got together to form the Cloud Computing Test Bed is beyond me.  While Apple is trying to figure out MobileMe, the trio here is looking to expand beyond any kind of cloud computing that is available today in this research project.  With six data centers (one to four thousand computers each) around the world, researchers will conduct studies "in areas of intelligent infrastructure and dynamic cloud services".  (I felt this bears repeat in this section of the update.)
  • Finally someone who agrees with Onxo regarding the improbability of Apple using non-Intel chipsets in the next generation of Macbooks.  
  • At a Techcrunch Mobile Web Wars event, executives held a discussion regarding mobile Internet and applications.  The conversation turned iPhone-centric much to the chagrin of executives of rival companies.  Read how S60's VP got his ass handed to him.

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