Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for July 30, 2008

On Onxo today, we started the day talking about some iPhone issues with the back cover cracking and some disaster preparation initiative for gadget lovers we like to get going.

The iPhone crack is where we'll begin.  A few of the online media has picked up on it but we won't know for days if this is a widespread issue.  As always, it's prudent to wait a couple of weeks before getting Apple products.  Or gadgets from any other companies.  Waiting for the initial run to get through the stores and allow the manufacturers to work through kinks can save gadget lovers a lot of heartache.

iPhone/iPod Update:

  • We reviewed Steps this morning after the US News and World Report gave it a bad rap.  Actually a lot of reviewers did the same.  I'm a bit more forgiving.  This is the first batch of apps, folks.  As far as I'm concerned, everything is still being beta tested.  Just ask Apple about MobileMe.  But $1.99 is a bit much for something that has only has only a 75-80% accuracy rate.
  • ARM bragged about a big scoop in licensing with a major mobile device maker.  Speculations are abound that it's Apple.  The key clue is that this particular handset maker wants control over all components of its designs.  I don't know.  It really can anyone.
  • Demands for the iPhone in Canada's Rogers has lead to a price cut in Nokia's N95.  Great win for the consumers.  Data access rates and limitation with Rogers is still an outrage.  
  • Appleinsider is reporting Apple telling its resellers of shortages and to stock up for the next few weeks.  This includes everything except the MBA.  4 weeks worth of products.  Yup, September looks to be when Apple will be freshing its line of Macbooks and iPods.  Don't be surprised if we get a price cut but nothing on this mysterious new device that will cause Apple margins in 2009.  
Other Apple/Mac Related News:
  • The new X-Files movie was edited using Final Cut Pro.  Read what they think of using a Mac.
  • Apple is said to be over the MobileMe fiasco.  One of our iPhones, unlocked, is still not getting push mail.  Is it because it's running on T-Zone?
  • See above in iPhone/iPod Update section for Macbook update.

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