Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for July 31, 2008

Yesterday's mention of cracking in the plastic cover for the iPhones has not expanded coverage.  However, there is no mention of this by Apple.  Apple had just lived through the MobileMe transition.  I hope they do their loyal adopters right and address the issue if this is indeed more than a few isolated incident.  Let's see if Apple is more sensitive because of the MobileMe transition and will come right out and address this right away.  Otherwise, it could be months before we hear from them.  I also hope we don't find the same "1%" excuse again.

iPhone/iPod Update:

  • iPodNN is reporting a new application (patent - feature not necessarily coming) that may allow handheld devices (iPod Touch and iPhone as your usual suspects) to receive radio or TV stream.  I can't be happier about this.  If I can stream media from my iTunes library at home to my iPhone wherever I am, I'll be in digital heaven.  
  • Onxo believes the App Store will change the mobile gaming market.  Game Daily is reporting the US market will become the No 1 mobile gaming market.  After spending 45 minutes earlier playing AquaForest, I think they might be right.  
  • New iPhone OS 2.1 released to developers.  We need it bad.  
  • Macrumors is reporting a tethering app, NetShare, is available now on the App Store for $9.99.  However, an update now says the app is no longer available.  I was surprised when I heard about it.  Now, I'm not.  

Apple/Mac Update:
  • Ars Technica provides argument why Apple will stay with Intel chipsets for the time being.  A must read to put all speculations to rest.  However, that is not to say that Apple has secret margin-strinking device that will not have anything to do with Intel.  There's that matter of that PowerPC company they just bought.  In time, we may see that they bought the whole company to make sure no one else has access to their technology and patents.  I'm still on the Macworld 2009 boat.  We will not see a supersecret MacBook Touch/Pad this year.  But I soooo want to be wrong!
  • If you have a Mac, security update available now for DNS patch.  Details at Macworld.
  • Despite all the back and forth about what chipset Apple will use, I'm for a dedicated GPU on the Macbook.  If long time Intel loyalist, Dell, can use Nvidia's GeForce 8400M in their notebooks, I don't see why Apple can't at least allow that as an upgrade option for the Macbook.  

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