Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MacDailyNews: Macbook DS is right!

Want the future now?  Multi-touch on your laptop?  Well, it may come sooner on the Macbook if anything like this demo is what all the rumors are about, or close to it.  MacDailyNews (it's a very pro-Apple site) is where I first saw this.

Media Computing Group has utilized the MultiTouch.framework (native on Cocoa - a programming framework for the Mac) to create their own multitouch application for demo.  They've also got a youtube video of this.  

What's amazing is that they've got it working through their Macbook and using an iPhone as the multitouch pad.  Honestly, wtih Apple's remote app and Google's Telekinesis, is it too far a stretch to believe the next step is to bring multitouch goodness through the iPhone or 3rd party platform?  And not just for Mac but also Windows Machine?  

Note: This is for iPhone users who runs Windows instead of OS X. If this is released, you're likely to see this work on a Mac only. I'm not a programmer but perhaps some ingenious coder may come to your rescue. I use both OS's so I'm covered.

I've included video of Microsoft's Surface to balance things out.

While it's kind of cool, don't hold your breath if you want to see Surface for $1000 or so for home or office use. If anything, the initial adoption of any kind of touch-based technology will be on trackpads or specifically designed pads.

Here is what kind of got folks started on touch or gesture based user interface. No, I'm not talking Minority Report.

This is even better. Perhaps there was something to those Macbook Touch rumors after all. We'll just have to see.

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