Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MacPad Or MacTablet

There is speculation reported by DigiTimes regard a large Apple order from Samsung for NAND chips.

50 Million chips to be exactly. Speculations on the Internet points largely to the iPhones that Apple will be selling over the next few quarters that will be using these chips.

In the report, 25 million ships have already been provided to Apple for the buildup of iPhone 3G for the global rollout. Twenty-million or so iPhone 3G waiting with another fifty million on the way? That's a lot of iPhones.

This not to mention the fact that iPod Touch stock has been dwindled in light of Apple's back-to-school deal and a reboot of the iPod line-up in this fall.

I think it is more likely these chips are for the new iPods.

Still, that's a lot of iPhones, iPod Nanos, and iPod Touches. Maybe there's more.

It's entirely possible a new device could be introduced in the next six months (likely Macworld 2009), the long-rumored Mac tablet every Apple-centric websites have been talking about for the last couple of years.

There are some roundabout ways for us to get confirmation. All we need now regarding this Mac tablet are more information about larger screens (preferably the 6"-8"flavor) from the folks to make the screens now for the iPhone and a chip company specializing in mobile telling their investors they're going to have a great fiscal 2009.

I'm willing to wager that if additional Apple NAND orders is forthcoming, a large order towards the end of the year, Macworld 2009 will be something bloggers will be talking about for years.

NOTE: I want folks to know that my own speculations come from years of watching Apple, joining in the delights of new product launches and suffering through the disappointments of failed rumors, and how generally Apple like to string consumers along with revolutionary products to be followed by evolutionary improvements of the products. With that said, my guess is as good/bad as those financial analysts who have been more wrong than right (I was right when I did not think we would see anything more than an iPhone-dominated WWDC keynote from Steve Jobs but I was wrong about the GPS in the iPhone).

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