Friday, July 25, 2008

Mobile Software Platform for Apps (Not Widgets)

In watching recent development, I've noticed that while the mobile market drama has many actors vying for the lead role (I'm from LA - Hollywood and organic craze is in my blood) and as we try to pry open the wireless networks, the software development in these smartphones are still pretty much closed. 

What I would like to see, whether it's for laptops or other Internet devices, is one application for mobile warriors.  What is this application?  Let's call it the AppHome.  

Again, it's not an OS but an application.  Within AppHome is an environement where individuals and software companies can upload their apps to an app store and allow users to download and run apps in this environment. 

It's so light weight that you can install it on any OS (Linux, Windows, OS X, Symbian, iPod Touch platform) and run adequately on any lower-end netbook or tablet.  So think of the iPhone as full blown application, AppHome, that lets you run apps within it.  You can also have an app store.  In this environment, open source standards for data are used.  as much open-source as possible.  Apps can be free or be charged for a fee just like what you see on the app store. 

A lot like Yahoo Widgets except  its much more robust.  It certainly can incorporate web standards but not entirely AJAX.  App will be like the storefront for web and data access just as apps on the iPhone is right now.

Impact on mobility:  You mobile warriors who happen to be programmers.  Can this work?  Take the control away from Apple and, yes, Google; take it away from the wireless companies.  So, the great thing about this is that the apps you develop is not limited to one platform or device.  It'll work on millions of laptops and Internet mobile devices. 

Note:  As much as I love Apple's products, when it's wrong, I have to bring it up.  NDA still active and has developers irked and scatching their heads trying to figure out why.  According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Wordpress has released the source codes to their iPhone app that was just released.  We'll see what happens next. (Get them here.)  If there is an AppHome, developers have more freedom to create and interact with their users.

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