Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mobile Update for July 29, 2008

We had a bit of excitement in Los Angeles today with a 5.4 (or 5.8, depends on who you listen to).  Now to today's update!

Mobile Devices:

  • T-Mobile will be introducing the Blackberry Curve Sunset on August 4th.  Originally, we were suppose to see it in store this week.  AS for Bold?  We're going to see it on AT and T before we see it on T-Mobile.  
  • Check out a review for Samsung Omnia (Crunchgear).  More pictures at Mobility Today.  I'm not too keen on using a stylus anymore.  Those years with the Palm PDAs and Axims and scratched screens.

  • Speaking of new devices, Nokia's E71 is now availabe for purchase.  $500 unlocked.  That's $100 cheaper than when the iPhone 8GB went on sale.  You'll feel better about getting it then.  The Wired went as far as to call it a bone fide iPhone killer. But ooooh, not a Blackberry killer.  

  • And finally some PALM NEWS!!!  WOOHOO!  Two million Centros sold to-date.  Palm CEO nterview here with CNBC.
  • Also, Sony looks to get back into the headlines with an annoucement soon. Xperia line, anyone?  
Mobile Computing/Issues:

  • In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake in Los Angeles, I tried called people to see if they were okay.  We were only 15 miles from the epicenter but we did not know that at the time.  So the shaking felt very strong.  Anyway, I was unable to get through to anyone.  However, I was able to twitter, IM, and e-mail folks.  Something to keep in mind.  Gizmodo also reports that SMS was working.
  • We had an article on multi-touch potential with a demo using an iPhone and a Macbook.  Then we have Microsoft showing off the Surface Sphere.  Very, very impressive.  Nevertheless as we've said, we like to see something for mobile users first.  Not hotels and bars.  

  • Just how HP, Intel, and Yahoo got together to form the Cloud Computing Test Bed is beyond me.  While Apple is trying to figure out MobileMe, the trio here is looking to expand beyond any kind of cloud computing that is available today in this research project.  With six data centers (one to four thousand computers each) around the world, researchers will conduct studies "in areas of intelligent infrastructure and dynamic cloud services".  
Note:  The Palm Centro is not for me.  I know what an iPhone is capable of.  That is not to say the Centro is not a good device.  For those new to the smartphone scene, the Centro is a great device for folks to cut their teeth on.  And as a Palm fan, I love to see the company that made PDA affordable (Newton great also had its faults - particularly its price) thrive.  Maybe I've just got a soft spot for the underdog.  Maybe it's the loyal Palm fans like myself who are still with the company.

Read Palmcenter's analysis of Ed Colligan's interview on CNBC.  They went through to the meat of the matter.  Including the lack of details regarding next generation devices and the absent OS.  Maybe we'll see a Centro II somewhere down the line.  But is only one way for Palm to innovate its way out of this hole:  that is if Palm innovates its way out.  Fans still hold out hope that Jon Rubinstein.

If you're wondering who he is, think iPod, the baby that help turn Apple around.

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