Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mobile Update for July 30, 2008

On Onxo today, we started the day talking about some iPhone issues with the back cover cracking and some disaster preparation initiative for gadget lovers we like to get going.

Biggest news of the day is T-Mobile potentially turning on their 3G network nationally on October 1.  It's not difficult to imagine readers picturing an engineer at T-Mobile turning a switch from the "off" position to "on".  In all likelihood, 3G waves have been going through the air for a while and Oct 1 is when T-Mobile will make the official announcement.

Mobile Gadgets:

  • Blackberry Sync has a walk through for the BB Kickstart.  This is an EDGE phone so forget thinking about using it with the T-Mobile 3G network.  Wow, it feels good say that.  I'm going to say it again.  T-Mobile 3G network.  Nice.  
  • The Sprint Instinct was graced with a firmware update.  Now it's an iPhone killer.  
  • Garmin's Nuvifone will not be available for Christmas.  2009.
  • Yesterday, we wondered if we'll ever see a $200 Kindle.  Today, Mobileread is spectulating about Kindle 2 features.  I like how they think.
  • Travel Journal is a new service to track cell phone movements.  Not for Big Brother only.  This will help travelers with cell phones create a log of where they been completely with text messages and images.  I did a similar thing over the weekend with my iPhone and the Twinkle app.  This is better if it works as advertised.
Mobile Issues:
  • IOC made a deal with the Beijing government by allowing censorship mechanism to assert their definition of free press on foreign journalists.  Follow up read at Ars technica.
  • Increase radio frequency emitted by mobile devices could be causing childhood behavioral changes.

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