Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mobile Update For July 31, 2008

We started off the day huffing and puffing about hackers in general and guidelines from the Homeland Security to help our mobile warriors who might be targets of foreign bodies for data theft.  We end the day with a satirical comic strip about the iPhone craze and Midori, a new Microsoft OS slated to take advantage of cloud computing.

All good reads.  Now.  Mobile Device Update:

  • Due to Nintindo's lackluster DS sales, many are beginning to believe an upgrade to the DS is about to take place.  Well, we ALL know that.  What we want is a date!  To date, Nintendo has sold close to 80 million DS worldwide.  So, no.  the iPhone isn't about to challenge DS for mobile game supremacy if ever.  Lower the DS to $99 might just do the trick.  No need for new hardware just yet.  Although it might not be a bad idea if "DS 2" released to the market.  PSP may be in for some hurt if there were to happen.
  • Nokia just recently lowered the price of the N95 due to stiff competition from the iPhone.  Now, they're slashing prices for other phones.  Gloves are off.
Mobile Issues:
  • Microsoft shipped 18 million Window Mobile copies.  Apparently, they had hope to ship 20 million.  
  • With networks about to be pried open, how will mobile gaming change?
  • Onxo believes cyber threat should be a concern at all times and points mobile travelers to guidelines on how to protect themselves.
  • Skyfire - a mobile web browser with a small footprint.
The end of July has kind of sucked as far as mobile devices introductions are concerned.  It's as if everyone has cleared out for Apple and the iPhone.  I'm not too hopeful about August but I'm pretty sure we'll have plenty of coverage regarding Blackberry's releases and Sony's upcoming press conference.

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