Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mobile Users To Be Freed of Power Bricks

One of the great thing about being mobile, like on a laptop, is not having a wires all over the place. But when your mobile device needs juice, you have no choice but to carry around the power brick. It's life for a mobile warrior. Not very glamorous if you ask me.

Introducing the PowerMat by Powermat Ltd, they strive to increase mobility for users with just this kind of product and eliminate the clutter of power-cords and toddler-attracting plugs. What does it do?  

It uses magntic induction to transmit electricity through a thin mat that can be mounted on any surface - floors, walls, coffee tables, or a mat. In the video, they look like Apple's Airports but they also mentioned coils that can be built into just about any surface. It idea have devices that can be charged by the Powermat or coils that are build through a house or office. Because it's safe, you can also create an outdoor environment with Powermat technology.

Once you place a device in proximity, a connection is established between the mat and your mobile devices and power stored within the mat is transferred to your device. Whether your mobile weapon is a Macbook, Blackberry, or a PSP, it'll charge them all. Once the device is charged, powermat cuts off power and wait for the next time it is needed again.  

According the the company, they managed to solve the Telsa Dilemma and allow electrical power can be transmitted safely and efficiently while powering multiple devices at the same time. Best of all: NO WIRES OR PLUGS! (Yes, I've said it before because I'm very excited.) The whole concept is very easy to understand but the technology is a lot more complicated than they and I have described. The second best thing about the powermat is energy conservation. Use it only when you have to.  

One of the things I try to do is bring you mobile information and technology that are actually close to fruition. For example, even though I advocate green technology, you won't hear me talking about hydrogen-producing algae for, know...never.  

I can't tell you when Powermat will bring us wireless power but it is the way things are definitely headed. It's a trend we'll see soon enough. So c'mon Apple! Sony, I'm looking at you! You guys can speed this up.  

Powermat, my suggestion: Give them "Think Different" folks a call. I wager they'll know how speed up magnetic induction technology adoption faster and build this into their mobile devices.  

Impact For mobile warriors: Imagine in the not so distant future when battery technology has yet to make any kind of giant leap forward and then imagine having Powermat's coils in coffee shops, lecture rooms, offices, and homes. It's on your wall, floor, and tables. Never have to worry about running out of juice during a client meeting or finish editing that award-winning film. I think it's closer to being a reality than a dream.  

There are other companies out there would are trying similar things but Powermat seems much more promising than others out there. We definitely need to cover our basis and bring you more information in due time.

Source: Engadget

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