Friday, July 18, 2008

Mobility Watch: Mesh From Microsoft

Before we all sign off for the weekend (a busy weekend for me), I want you to keep an eye on something.

Live Mesh from Microsoft.  Regardless of your feelings toward Redmond (personally, my issue started with Vista. XP, Office, Halo, and I were cool), has been a working model for years now and with the different services they're building with Live, it is not difficult to figure out why Live and MSN are two separate portals.

I'll do a more in depth look at Live Mesh over the weekend and in the coming weeks/months when more of the features they promised are online.  It's in very early beta in my opinion.  From all they seem to want to do with it (cloud computing and all), it's promising.  The following features are apparent once you sign in:

  • Live Desktop - you can move windows around.

  • Facilitate synchronization between desktop and other devices connected by Mesh user.

  • Icon for the PC and Mac - good for OS X users I suppose.

  • "Your Mobile" - possible a link to allow information to synch between your mobile device and your computers.

  • Live Mesh Remote Desktop - ability to connect to your devices (computers, mobile units, etc).

So far, I can't even say it's rough around the edges because there are no edges to speak of yet.  But it smells a bit like Apple's  It's alright, Micrsoft.  Take your time. is still in beta as far as I'm concerned.

The important thing I want to know here is if "push"able and how much it's gonna cost. is $99 a year.

If you've got nothing to do this weekend, give it a test-drive and love to hear what you think.

I think it's finally going to happen soon.  It's going to be cloudy from here on.   Have a great weekend!

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