Saturday, July 26, 2008

ONXO on the Road Today (Mobile Blogging)

Happy weekend to everyone.  Pleasant Saturday in LA today.  

What's the plan this weekend?  I've finally installed Leopard (10.5) on my Macs (Duo Core 1.66Ghz and Powerbook G4 1Ghz).  I love it.  It was difficult to find detailed review how Leopard runs on old PowerPC Macs and I'll provide that this coming week.  I love the speed on both computers.  

I'm going to spend the afternoon posing as tourist and hope on the MTA and just mobile blog through the day.  I'll be posting to Loopt/Twitter/Facebook/Cirqo.   We can see how robust and effective these location-based mini-blogs are for travelers.  

In the realm of mobility this weekend, treat yourself with the specs for the Nokia 5800, Nokia's full screen smartphone (via Engadget).  It's a bit low on storage compared to the iPhone but it ups one up on Apple's darling by allowing user replaceable battery and higher resolution camera.  Waiting continues.

RIMM's Blackberry Bold will not see the light of day until September.  I put off getting the Blackberry Curve with T-Mobile because I thought the Bold might come sooner than later.  I think for T-Mobile subscribers who are thinking of getting new phones, you're likely to see a HTC's Android-based phone before you see the Bold on T-Mobile.  

In the walled garden of Appledom (of which I'm in), Apple has an official blog that explains the sorry situation of MobileMe and promises fixes and updates on their progress.  Maybe I'm wrong but I think Apple has seriously hurt itself this time.  It did not necessarily messed up with the $200 price cut on the iPhone last year.  It mollified some unhappy customers by offering a $100 gift certificate.  But this time, more and more people are deeply unhappy with the Me fiasco.  But this is worse.  A lot worse.  

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