Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quick Speed Comparison: 3G Versus Edge

I don't own a 3G device yet.  Like some, I've yet to upgrade to an iPhone 3G.  And as T-Mobile subscribers go, millions of us won't get to know 3G until later this year.  But I've had the opportunity to play around with a couple.

Knowing that I was playing with a mobile phone with a higher Internet access speed, I thought I was going to see an increase along the line of going from 56K analog modem speed to cable modem speed back in 2000.  Perhaps, that was too much of an expectation.  I came away from the experienced not impressed.  I rationalized that perhaps the 3G access in the area was not up to standard yet.

Apparently, Barefeats feels the same with the 3G versus EDGE tests using iPhones.  But we can draw some conclusions if the results of the tests can be attributed to other mobile devices.  So, what do we know?

  • AT&T's 3G is faster but not by much.  It depends on coverage in your area.  
  • EDGE is good enough for today's mobile needs on a smartphone.  Today.  Mobile needs are changing by the day and we will need 3G access to be at its best.  
  • So far, WiFi is king.  4X the speed of 3G.  
So for the mobile warriors who are on EDGE, relax.  No need to upgrade to 3G especially if your smartphone also have WiFi access.  At the speed we're moving, it's going to take two years (just a arbitrary number, educated guess) before we see robust 3G coverage in the United States. 

For the rest of the world who had 3G years ago, you probably don't understand the limitations mobile users here go through.  Here is a video highlighting Barefeats and Onxo's comments about the necessity of having 3G today.  It's a speed test between a Treo running on Sprint 3G EVDO and the iPhone running on EDGE.

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