Thursday, July 17, 2008

Solar Kit for the Mobile Crowd

I've thought about getting a solar backpack for a while now.  I haven't figured out what's the best one on the market for me.  And let's be honest, it'll hit your wallet a bit too.  Now, there's the solar globetrotter kit from lazybone (courtesy of Coolest Gagdets).

Simply mount this onto your backpack, bike, or car dashboard and you're set to go.  Whether you're a mobile warrior or an outdoor type who wants a reliable power source, I find this to be a very compelling buy.

Also, if you're a mobile warrior travel a lot internationally, you like carry with you a travel kit to make sure that all your laptop and other wireless gadgets have enough juice and the right plug.  This makes sure you don't have to worry about that.  (Note:  it's not powerful enough to provide juice for a typical laptop I'm afraid.)

Take it a step further.  It comes with a freeloader which acts like a battery.  It's compatible with most devices such as the iPhone and iPod.  Here are some highlights:

  • Freeloader can be charged in 4 hours.  Can be charged multiple times during the day.

  • Power the iPod for 18 hrs, phone 44 hrs, PSP 2.5 hours, PDA 22 hrs.  iPhone/Blackberry not provided but I'm guess 10-15 hours.  I will let you know when I tested mine (yes, I will be getting one.  A sacrifice I'm happy to make :)

  • Specifically mentioned adapter for the Apple line of mobile devices (not Macbooks).

  • Very tough and works so long as the sun still shines.

  • Comes with Velcro attachment and weather resistant.

  • 200 grams (7 oz or .45 lb).  Very light weight.

  • $98.65 (£49.99)

Once mine arrive and I've gotten a chance to play with it, I'll give you a review with a wide range of devices.

But you don't want to wait, get one now and do your part for climate change (in a good way)!

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