Friday, July 25, 2008

Sony President: Will Not Follow/Copy Others (But We Are A Bit Lost)

We're going down our own path, stated Sony president Ryoji Chubachi.  It's just as well because if they did, we may not get PSP phones. (Okay, just stupid humor on my part.)

In addition to "coming up with our own solution", Ryoji can't help himself with a parting shot at the iPhone.  But he explained it's because they don't know where the market will be headed.  On one side, there's mobile phones and on the other next is what he called "next-generation devices".  

Sony shareholders.  Be afraid.  Dude has no idea what the "next-geneation devices" ought to be.  If your guy can't stake out a claim, take a risk, and try to steer the market instead seems to be taking a wait-and-see posture, you're in a lot of trouble.  Not only that, when Sony does figure out what next-generation mobile devices it wants to make, I hope it doesn't mean using someone else's OS, like Windows Mobile, and wrap it in a decent looking hardware and hope no one is watching.  That's hardly a solution.  

Great job with the Walkman, PS2, and PSP.  You have street cred.  Go in a different direction.  Here, you can use my idea for AppHome (and run it on Viao).  Take a risk.  I'll buy one.  

Mobile Impact:  We're gonna get an PSP phone (it's almost a sure bet).  In a way, I suppose that is a risk.  For a PSP phone to work, mobile downloads like the app store will have to be included in the package as well.  We can probably be looking at a PS3 tie-in.  Believe me, I want Sony to succeed.  More mobile device competitors.  More innovations.  More risks (also big rewards).  Mobile warriors win.

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