Wednesday, July 30, 2008

T-Mobile and 3G: Available Starting October 1, 2008

For the loyal T-Mobile subscribers who have been caught in the slow Internet lanes all these years while your buddies with Verizon and Sprint were moving along the 3G lanes with their fancy phones, well, wait no longer.

Actually, just a bit more. Until Oct 1.  According to a flyer posted on the door what I assumed to be a T-Mobile store, is an announcement of 3G availability the first of October.  If I know my geography, I see LA with one of those blue markers.  The rest of you mobile warriors can fight over the other twenty-three on the poster.

TmoNews broke the news today and they've also got a list of pending 3G cities to be graced by T-Mobile in October.  For the majority of the country not covered by 3G, I doubt you're missing much at this early stage of deployment.  I've got T-Zone on my first gen iPhone.  It's plenty fast for daily mobile work and, in some speed tests, 3G is not that much faster than EDGE.  At least not two or three times faster.  
Furthermore, based on the 3G phones that may be available from T-Mobile, well, let's just say they better have some sweet smartphones to use on the 3G network.  Android, anyone?

Note:  Is that salt shakers next to the poster?  Man, I hope this isn't a Photoshop hoax.  If it is, it'll go down as one of the cruelest jokes I've ever seen played on mobile users.

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