Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is why I'm sticking with EDGE

According to user reports on 3G uses for the new iPhone 3G (is it still new?  Okay, we'll stop calling it "new" after 30 days), there have been a wide discrepancy in what people are able to get from their 3G network on the AT&T.  

No one should be surprised.  A year ago, people started noticing how much more mobile Internet mileage iPhone uers were putting on.  Google could not believe the amount of search queries coming from the iPhone platform.

As far as the "next" generation mobile speed is concerned, T-Mobile has yet to get their act together and AT&T has not really been that much better.  And in the last months while AT&T worked to beef up their 3G network in preparation for the iPhone 2.0 launch, it's not surprising to hear the increasing number of iPhone users putting a very big strain on it.  And it's only been three to four days.  

This will get uglier.  Check out Howard Forums and Macrumors if you want to avoid 3G black holes.  Allegedly, some EDGE speeds are comparable or faster than 3G right now.

I don't know what the actual speed are between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless, Engadget has AT&T coming out on top but Verizon still has the lead in terms of coverage.  The era of 3G will not truly arrive until 2009.  iPhone and other 3G phones will not benefit from the technology until the wireless guys put their acts together.

One user surmised that AT&T did the bare minimum to maximize coverage just to say that it has 3G and faster speeds will only come much later.  Until I see a big improvement, there is no need for 3G phones unless you happen to live or work in an area where it is a known fact that 3G coverage is strong.  

No iPhone 3G or any other 3G phones for me just yet.  I managed to test drive the iPhone's 3G speed in my area and it was not noticeably faster than my current iPhone.  GPS alone is not worth the upgrade.  Memory is not an issue.  And I love the aluminum back cover on my phone.  And with the App Store, I'm good to go.  

Note:  WiFi is still the answer to wireless access.  And WiFi access points are everywhere today.  For mobile warriors, make sure whatever smartphone you buy in the future has WiFi functionality in it.  It is definitely not going away any time soon.  Doesn't matter if we suddenly get WiMax access.  I'm amazed some smartphones like the Instinct that don't have WiFi in this day and age.  

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