Friday, July 25, 2008

Mobility Update for July 25, Friday

Today's Mobility update is brought to you my enthused drive to bring you mobile tips and awareness and knowledge that it's Friday. First off, is a Zune phone in the works? The answer is yes. Is the a PSP phone in the works? Yes. How about you, Nintendo? Of course they are. Mobile convergence of this nature is inevitable. We just have to be patient and wait for the endgame when they are all released. Right now, in order of most like to suceed: Nintendo, Sony, and then Zune, also known as Microsoft. 

Blackberry News/Updates: 
  • Boy Genius Report has delighted us with a video of the Blackberry Bold browsing experience. I have to agree with BG. It's still a bit rough. 
  • Blackberry Media Sync available. Works with iTunes. 
  • Review of the BB Kickstart for T-Mobile. Former BB competitor, Palm tries to stay relevant until next year with new Treo 800. It's an excellent review from Engadget. I suggest reading this even if you're not in the market for a Treo. They've offered perspectives that are relevant to other smartphones as well.
Mobile Issues: 
  • Is Apple spread too thin? Possibly. What can also be at play is Apple trying to beat other folks to the market. I certainly hope it's not a case of Apple using the loyal minions as a test bed. Six million first gen iPhone users paid to be beta testers. What's another one million iPhone 3G users added to the mix?
  • Insane analyst says Symbian and Android to merge. (Source: Engadget) WiMax 
  • Merger Opposed by AT&T. Not sure if this is a battle tactic by AT&T but with their support for LTE, it would make sense to make life as difficult for its smaller rival, Sprint, as possible. (WiMax versus LTE - stay tuned). 
  • 14 Things our corporate overlords and learn from us. Source: 
Mobile Computing: 
  • 8MP phone from Samsung. It's available only in Europe. They also have a video available over at (We'll get into the issue of actual camera phone uses.) 
  • Cheaper HP Mini-Note to come soon. I think it's not only a smart decision but a necessary one. Dell coming into the market and with EEE PC and EEE PC clones all over the market, mobile warriors won't take likely to a hefty premium in these economic conditions. 
  • Want to blog in comfort? Okay, this next thing might be an overkill for twittering but for that closet evil genius, this is perfect. The Novelquest Emperor. Emperor of what, you might ask. 
  • Dual-core Atom chips coming in this autumn from Intel. Some are still betting Apple will use it in their mythical Macbook Touch or bigger versions of the iPod Touch. Maybe unlikely. 
  • EEE PC expands into accessories. Although not a lot of details yet, Asus is looking to add an all-day battery. Credit card polished and ready, mate. 
  • Gigabyte's swivel screen netbook. 
  • A plethora of sync tools available. 
  • Mobile users to be freed power wires.
iPhone News/Updates: 
  • Apple has seeded a new version of OS, 2.1, to it's developers. While must are just hoping for stability, we may be getting turn-by-burn GPS and push notification for 3rd party apps. Push notification allows the iPhone to be notified when there is data coming through when the 3rd party app is not running. Apple has forbid app to run in the background for fear that it'll drain battery life. 
  • Macrumors is hinting at possible cut/paste in 2.1 . 
  • MobileMe issues still persists. Massive 1% (strange how everyone know who that one percent is and not many of the 99%) had experience problems in the last week, according to Apple. Some problems still persists. How do I know that? I'm one of them, Me is not working properly for me yet. David Pogue doesn't like what he sees so far either. 
  • For $25 (or a trip to Starbucks), you have yourself an iPhone battery, the Brando Power Station. Visit their site and they've also got iPhone (internal - requires medical degree) and iPod batteries too. 
  • Still waiting for an iPod? Stock updated every 15 min.

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