Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Unlocking iPhone 2.0 (latest update)

Or lack of. It's been kind of quite on the unlocking front. It's understandable because after 1.1.4, Apple has not implemented a new update (still waiting for cut/paste, Cupertino).

The latest entry I was able to find on Google, is this one. Ziphone developers boasted that it is "so easy a caveman can do it". I unlocked/jail-broken my iPhone with Ziphone so I think they've done a great job making so easy that simple-minded homo sapiens like myself can do it.

The date on this Macnn.com article was from June 13. Before that, the iPhone Dev Team had the honor of unlocking the 2.0 firmware in March.

Since then, it's been a bit quiet with the Apple/iPhone-centric blogs but the Ziphone update showed that the latest beta has also been unlocked. Will the final version be this easily cracked? As someone who plans on staying with T-Mobile, I hope so.

Here are a few links you can distract yourself with until Friday when the iPhone 3G goes on sale.

  • Ziphone Update - updated June 30th
  • Update from Gizmodo- iPhone Dev Team is claiming more challenges from Apple. Okay. Okay. Time for another donation. I get it, guys.
  • iPhone Dev Team Portal - no update since May 17. I hope it's because they're trying to be quiet and not give anything away to Apple.

My money's on these ingenious and resourceful individuals. Anyone who use their tools in the past/future should consider donating and rewarding their efforts.

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