Monday, July 21, 2008

Use Google to Get Out the Word (Your Blog)

Search is usually all a typical Internet user know about Google. The next safest bet an Internet user might knw about Google is like Gmail. For those of us who blog and try to get out the word, we might know what customs search,, and Adsense is about (I'm still getting to know it better each day).
The Inquirer has graced us with a piece other features Google provide to help you get out the word for your material and website. Besides the flagship tool, Adsense, they discussed customized search tools to allow your readers to search base on keywords. It can be quite powerful now that I think about it. A site-search will allow your readership to look through your site based on their search.  
You can also advertise with Google by buying adwords. As you can imagine with Google being the king of search, it can help immensely. Depending on the word, the cost can vary. There are many options for advertisers to choose from.
Blogger. Or Blogspot. Both works for me because it's the same thing. It's a free service from Google that allows anyone to create a blog. All you need is a google account. If you already use gTalk or Gmail, you're already half way there. Just go to and sign in. It's simple (not like Adsense - I'm still trying to figure it out) and in minutes, you can get yourself a box to stand on and shout at the top of your lungs about anything you want, figuratively.  
Be it custom-search or ad placements, none of that can substitute for good material. As always, I simply enjoy sharing news and thoughts on mobility and welcome all feedbacks.

NOTE: This is an article about Google but Yahoo and Microsoft both offer their own blog, search, and advertisement alternatives. And with blogs, there's even more options available. We'll get to them all one of these days. This is what is so great about the Internet. An abundant of options and competition for your writing.

ANOTHER NOTE: Mobile blogging is something that is very big and will get bigger in due time. However, I cannot understand why Google has yet to provide a more robust option for blogging from mobile devices like smartphones while Typepad has WAP options and mobile apps for the Blackberry and the iPhone. I hope Google will have something for us soon.

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