Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Android Phone For Pre-Order (Cruel Joke If Not True)

Mark your calendar.  TmoNews via Phandroid is saying pre-order for the HTC Dream will start on September 17. 

This is what's rumored from TmoNews:
  • G1 may be the name. 
  • $400 for the full price.
  • $150 for new contracts
  • Pre-Order only for existing customers.  Thanks, T-Mobile for us loyal customers (if true).
  • Colors in black, white, or brown.  Hmmm...black or white...
  • Gmail a must
So, head over and get the full text.  Now, myself and billions of humans on this Earth have a Gmail account already.  It bugs me that it's required.  So much for openness, Mountain View.  Okay, no judgments until we get the G1 in our hands.  Oh, Christmas in August in deed.

How does this stack up against the iPhone?  We don't know.  Let's wait and see. 

Okay...excitement over.  This is just a rumor until such details are confirmed by HTC, T-Mobile, or Google.  This G1 news will get circulated and take on a life of its own by...who are we kidding...it's happening as you're reading this.  With that said, remember all that "we'll release it by the end of 2008" promise? 

October isn't 2008.  It's a lot sooner than end of 2008.  Last week, we reported that Android is only 80% complete.  Then an analyst issued ominous details regarding loss of developer support and delay into 2009 (HTC has since hit back with a "not so").  So, what happened?

We'll know on September 17.  Onxo believes Google will make sure Android gets out the door because the word "vaporware" has already been used once or twice regarding the gPhone. 

Impact:  It's just a rumor and the Android camp is not going to confirm or deny this. This may freeze the mobile market in place for some mobile players.  iPhone will continue to sell well but what of others? 

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