Friday, August 15, 2008

Android Phone Is Definitely Coming in 2008

CrunchGear is reporting a New York Times article saying that the Android phone from THC will be coming out by October at the earliest, beating the end of 2008 by weeks if not months.  Onxo would really like to know how analysts and the web media had so very little information on this.

Regardless, this is the second source in recent days on Android.  Early in the time, we reported Tmo-News has information on Android pre-orders for October delivery.  This came after a flurry of reports that we would not see the phone until 2009.  

Honestly, we don't know what to believe.  Even with the NYT article.  Onxo only pointed out the article now because of the reasons why proliferation of mobile platforms are good for everyone from mobile warriors to the obviously the phone makers to even the carriers.

The time of reckoning will be upon us soon.  Nearly all users, professionals or students, will have mobile handhelds and laptops linked an ubiquitous wireless connection is how the future is going to play out.  The sooner this happens, the faster everyone is able to benefit from it.
Chips and phone makers sell more units while carriers will see increase revenue through volume subscriptions.   

There really is nothing that is holding society back from realizing a wireless utopia except for short-term, short-sighted CEOs who are more worried about their short-term stock gains.  Not to mention the lobbyists they hire.

So, rejoice.  I know I am in knowing that I'll be getting my Android-powered HTC phone in October.

Note:  In a recent statement not long ago, Apple said it would weather recession by innovation and producing great products.  MobileMe fiasco aside, Apple also reported they will sacrifice  traditionally high margins in pursuit of greater market share with new product.

Maybe Apple is an exception when it comes to companies getting a pass from its stockholders but I would like to see more companies look what's down the street rather than just what's around the corner. Oh, kudos to ATT who recently announced they will incur short-term losses to pursue long-term iPhone contracts and subscribers who pay higher monthly fees.

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