Friday, August 29, 2008

Apple To Break New Grounds

I think we'll see something from Apple in the next year that will break new grounds on computing but I wonder if we at Onxo and others are thinking too linearly.  And I wonder if we'll see the new breakthrough product this fall at all.

As folks fan out across the Internet and in the real world, people are looking for Mac tablets as the new products in the pipeline that everyone is blogging about.  What if it's not a Macbook in a tablet?  You know what?  It's not.  

What is it then?  Well, if there is something new and groundbreaking, it will along the line of netbooks that are all the rage right now but in a tablet form.  Think a bigger iPod Touch with a bigger screen.  5 inches.  7 inches.  10 inches.  

You're like "okay".  Alright.  Let me make my case.  Apple wants to rock and rule the mobile world.  It's not going to do that with a regular tablet.  Ask the UMPC folks.  Also ask their users about battery life.  We already know the answer on that score.  Horrible battery life and the designs and UI is just worse than subpar.  

For Apple to make an impact, it'll need something better and the iPhone and iPod Touch is not enough  enough.  As others like Archos recently introduce their media player with Internet features, expect others to follow if Archos is successful.  

Apple may have already thought along that line a while back and it knows someone will come along and try to come up with an Internet-enabled media player.  So again, Apple will need something different on that score.  

So recall that Steve Jobs said to expect more products using the Mac OS currently powering Apple's mobile offerings.  Now making a little more sense now?

Good.  Now also consider the recent purchase of PA Semi.  Also recall that Jobs has said Apple will be using technology from their new addition.  Whether this is happening sooner or later, no one truly knows right now.  But additional mobile devices like the iPod Touch with bigger multi-touch screens like those Appleinsider dug up this week is becoming more likely.

With a more robust mobile device that will allow you to be more productive, longer battery life, and the portability of  a laptop, this will be something just about any mobile warrior will want:  Internet, OS X, iPhone Apps and maybe even traditional Mac applications, bigger screen, battery life.  

If you need more, there's the Macbook or the iMac.  Something smaller,  you have the choice if the iPhone or iPod Touch.  The new midrange mobile device will not take away sales.  If anything, it's an additional tool that you can carry with you if you don't need your Macbook or if your needs are more than what the iPhone can handle, this mobile unit will be perfect.

Let's not kid ourselves.  Apple will place this device on the market perfectly so that you'll still need a full sized laptop or the iPhone.  Cannibalization won't be an issue.  

How likely are we going to see this.   The PA Semi buyout was a while back and we don't know how long Apple may be planning or working with them.  If not it's not ready and Apple sees a need to get just such a mobile device onto the market, there are other chips it can consider using.

For example, the Inquirer is reporting a shortage of Intel's Atom chip.  Could Apple be behind the shortage?  It's a leap on my part but definitely possible.

And finally, what about Macworld.  You've always said we'll see nothing new until Macworld.  Well, I still stand by that.  But what if Apple surprises us this fall with this new mobile device or something else, then what will we see at Macworld 2009?  

Jobs can't spend the whole keynote recapping what great Holidays and New Year Apple just had.  Honestly, I don't know.  That's the problem and why I don't think we'll see anything new.

Perhaps he can talk about new iLife products, refresh the iPhone with more memory, or finally get serious about Apple TV (again).  

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