Friday, August 8, 2008

Asustek Shows Apple How its Done

Taking a clue from Apple's iTunes and MobileMe, Asus launched an online service and plans an online store to create demands for its line of EEE laptops.

  • EEE Storage:  20GB of online storage
  • EEE Downoad:  3,000 free software titles
  • Online store planned to sell music and other contends. 
This is certainly a take a few PC makers have taken in the last, most noticibly Apple.  Apple offers MobileMe, former .Mac, with 20GB of storage, online services, and online store in the form of iTunes. 

Could Asus follow with EEE mobile handsets as well?  It is likely be studied as the influence of Apple is apparent in this plan.  Furthermore, Asustek will further expand the EEE brand into other electronics like television.

No mention by Asustek if this this free to EEE PC owners. 

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