Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mac-iPhone Update for August 28, 2008

Here is the situation with the 3G connectivity for the iPhone.  Folks, if you have not upgraded to the newest update, do so now.  Why is that?  According to ATT, because you have not upgraded, your 3G problem won't be solved because the iPhone is drawing more power than it needs.  On top of that, you're making it so that others cannot connect to the tower because you're drawing too much power.  For more, Mac Daily News has the info.  So, upgrade tonight.

But hey, can you really blame iPhone owners for being apprehensive about updating when we hear how our iPhones may get worse than before.  Crashes.  Crashes.  Crashes.  This is what happens when we're told to upgrade and we're not told what it's for.

iPhone-iPod Update:

  • TUAW reports on how Guy Kawasaki is able to his iPhone juice going.  Here, Onxo has ours.  he's certain headed in the right direction.  I've use my phone sparingly and I used to average about 3 days before charging.  After upgrading the 2.0 and using more apps, I'm averaging about 2 days between charges.  That also includes watching 30-60 minutes of videoes and iTunes music for workout.
  • The iPhone Blog reports Rogers will extend the promotional data plan till the end of Sept.
  • Onxo has some information regarding the new Android Marketplace from Google.  Game on, iPhone lovers and Google fans!
  • Onxo on why NDA is still in effect for iPhone app developers.
  • Onxo wonders if iPhone might ruin mobile gaming.
  • Macrumors is reporting (via Macworld) a Sept iPhone update will fix a plethora of problems - security being the main one.
Mac Update:
  • Still waiting on refreshes.  Meanwhile, see what the competition is up to.  Meet Samsung's X360 (not Xbox 360) from Crunchgear.  
  • Here's a bit of speculation on my part.  Everyone complained when the Macbook Air (MBA) came out and how the screen was 13" and not 11" or 12".  Could apple be trying to create something in that range weighing in at 2 lbs or so and call the old MBA the new Macbook?  Think about it.  Apple has been talking about doing away with optical drives for a while now, right?  This is a very risky proposition but it isn't as if Apple has not done something like this before.  Okay fine.  Just some fun thoughts on my part.  You'll have to forgive me.  This is all Apple's fault for not bring out the new Macbooks faster.

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