Monday, August 11, 2008

Changes in Mobile Habits

We are posing a short subject on gas prices as we change to a more digital mobile life.  When it was near $5 a gal here in Los Angeles, we were wondering if we were going to see $5.50 by Labor Day.

Thanks to our sense of self-preservation and dwindling bank account as cost of aspect of living rocketed, we decided we don't need to go out as much, eat out as much and, drive a couple of blocks to the supermarket.

How are mobile warriors coping?   I think in the long run, we will cope quite well.  A lot of us are now discovering public transportation and, yes, our legs are for walking.  Pretty neat, eh?  (I've picked up biking again.)

It is still a far-cry from seeing people waiting at bus stops or train stations like Japan where people are engaged in their web-novel or catching up on the morning news.  

When will we see that in the United States?  Los Angeles?  Will the new generation of smartphones and mobile platforms like the iPhone change all this?  

We've cut back in fuel use quite a bit, enough to cut the futures of crude future in the 140s a barrel to about $115.50 today.

Mobile buds, I think we can do much better.  

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