Friday, August 8, 2008

Controlling iTunes Remotely May Mean Home Remote Soon

An Apple patent documented by Appleinsider indicates the ability for the iPhone and iPod Touch to remotely access iTunes from anywhere.  This is a feature iTunes users have been requesting for years. 

It is not known if this feature is only available for the Apple's mobile devices.  iTunes libraries can currently be accessed by computers in the same network.  Also, Apple's app Remote allows the iPhone and iPod Touch remotely control iTunes library but no streaming of content from the iTunes library is possible.

This is a very interesting development as the integration between home appliances and the PC will share a network in which appliances can be monitor and controlled through the computer. 

How long before see anything like this?  It's anyone's guess but it can greatly increase efficiency as smart appliances become available on the market.  Imagine a refrigerator with WiFi access to the home network.  The temperature may be controlled remotely through the PC or by a mobile user half way across the country for greater power efficiency. 

Of course, that day is still years away but this does not prevent companies from dreaming up with new ways in made this integration happen one household electronics at a time.  Think of the Slingbox that allows users to remotely access content remotely on a laptop or handheld device.  That has taken pace for years. 

So, why not the house's power grid, temperature control, and lighting?  Through a centralized panel, an user would be able to monitor the use and power consumption. 

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