Friday, August 15, 2008

Could Thursday Be the New Friday?

For a lot of mobile workers, it may not be as pertinent nor will it like catch on like the latest fashion or social trend.  If you have heard, certain schools and cities are beginning to experiment with 4-day work weeks to save on rising energy costs.
Has anyone realistically given them any thought?  Wow, four day work weeks.  Three day weekends.  It does sound great from the perspective of the workforce.  However, I'm not sure things will work out as we like it to be.
We don't suddenly end up getting paid more for working less.  We are still working 40 hour weeks with longer days.  So, how does this affect the mild-mannered mobile folks?
I like to think we enjoy the longer weekend like everyone else but with our mobile devices with wireless access, we are forever tethered to our offices, data, and work in general.  Try telling your biggest client that you did not get back to him because it's the law that you don't work on Fridays.
Yeah, he'll be most understanding.  
So, how would we adjust?  It's really difficult to say right now because we don't have a large percentage of the workforce with such a four-day work week.  I imagine companies and governments would have to made adjustments to workforce scheduling.  Some may have Fridays off while other may have Mondays.  Or even the middle of the week.  
Of course, this is will not be effective if the purpose is to save on energy costs.  It's likely we may still have a 5-day work week but with more people working out of their home one or two days out of the week.  
Maybe telecomputing is a more effective solution?

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